The beginning of existence of this brand is bound to the year 1991, when the production society production society FORTUNA was established. Fortuna, from its beginning has dedicated to the production of sportswear for team sports.

In year 1993 from commercial reasons the society changed its name and trade mark to ATAK™, and sells its products under this mark to this day. During its, now 23 year existence, went through intensive development in quality and range of goods. The initially close range of the material base for production of jerseys and other clothing, we have come to broad range offer that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Materials for the jerseys fully respect the specific requirements of different types of sports. Dealing with physiological or strength requirements to ensure dimensional and color stability. It is the same with other materials for clothing, which are applied in accordance with world developments and to ensure the best possible comfort for the athlete.

ATAK™ offers high quality of its products at prices corresponding to the purchasing power of our market. The bargin that we achieve at its sales do not create special effects, but leave room for familiarization with our brand on the market in our country but also abroad. Since the beginning of our existence, thanks to our quality, flexibility and an acceptable price level, clothed times out of number of teams in football, handball, volleyball, basketball, hockey and other sports, at home and abroad.

Worth mentioning are the league teams of the Slovak football league (Tatran Prešov, FC Košice, Ozeta Trenčín, Dukla Banská Bystrica), almost all teams of the Slovakian hockey extraleague, including the hockey representation of Slovakia. We can mention the Slovak handball representation, top sections of handball extraleague HIL, as well as WHIL and many other sections abroad, especially in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, ex-Yugoslavia and South Africa. Since 2001, the referees of all football competitions in Slovakia are clothed by us, and therefore in our offer is complete clothing for referees , including promotional clothing.

As a result of intensive development of our brand in team sports, at the end of last millennium to expand the range of clothing for leisure and for new kinds of sports (tennis, athletics, cycling and currently golf and fitness). Production capacity of atak is significant. Production of knitted fabric, as well as the possibilities of sublimation and screenprinting capabilities are opportunities for cooperation in the time of the Slovak Republic entering the European Union. This is why we are also currently looking for partners for presenting our brand abroad.

ATAK™ offers besides primary production and the production of textiles for promo and sporting events according to the requests by customers, including commplex service. At present, much of our attention is put on sales in our e-shop. We expect better service for our customers and of course, better propaganda of our brand.

Slovak sports brand ATAK™ is here for you, and we will be honored if you love clothes from us.